Hi all
I would like to add my opinion to that question.
I am an happy Debian powerpc port user for 3 years and half.
I have an old iBook G4.
I am not able to test kde4.1 beta 1 in Debian without building myself the 
debian packages or from kde svn.
I do not want to build it on my old iBook, so what ?
If debian devs whant users to test, please help users get the packages built 
on their arch.
I am saying that because I believe that kde4 will not be ready for Debian 
unless it is tested. And I cannot test it because I have only obsolete 
packages or they are not installable because others have been updated.
I am sure that it is not only a problem of experimental powerpc buildd.
There is not really an easy way for some people willing to test to just do it.

I have a more general question. How the other distribution are managing their 
unstable version ?
Is it not possible to work on kde4 in debian without relying on experimental ?
Is kde4.1 really something experimental ?
I thought kde4.0 was experimental and kde4.1 something working (I do not mean 
complete, but does it crash ?).
How debian managed to include gnome 2 ?
Did you wait for one year and half before shipping it ?

I do not want to troll or sound harsh, but I am really convinced of the 
problem of the chicken and egg. I also want to say thanks for your work and I 
am sorry if my mail is the cause of hurt or pain, this is not my goal.
GALLIEN Matthieu


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