El Lunes, 9 de Junio de 2008, Modestas Vainius escribió:
> 5) (That's my personal opinion). Frankly, Debian *stable* (by definition)
> is not and has never been a good desktop distribution for people who care
> about newer software. Use other branches of Debian for that (e.g. testing).


People who want an up-to-date desktop will find Debian stable outdated in 
weeks, even if KDE 4.1.0 is shipped (because 4.1.1 will be out in about 1-2 

There was a proposal, very long ago, of a branch specifically called "desktop" 
to address this issues. I can't find it right now, though, but I think it was 
from Martin Loschwitz (madkiss).

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