I have been thinking what is the best way to do the 4.1.x backports to Lenny.
Basically, I see 2 options:

a) Use backports.org, i do not like this too much because:

  -you need to wait until package is in testing to backport it
  -packages go to NEW until they are hand approved
  -users will fear to push more stuff than just KDE 4.1.x

pros: it has support for most used archs, and it is autobuilt.

b) Search for a mirror space where optionally (but very welcome) reprepo
can be used. The domain kde4.debian.net could be pointed there.

  -need to get mirroring somewhere.
  Debian machines are sometimes used for this, but i do not think it is a good
  idea given the sizes of the KDE packages.
  -only able to upload packages for amd64/i386, no powerpc.

  - dos not have any of the cons of a)




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