Monday 14 July 2008, Ana Guerrero rašė:
> a) Use backports.org, i do not like this too much because:
> [snip]
> pros: it has support for most used archs, and it is autobuilt.
 - People would be able to backport plasmoids and upload them to backports.org 
However, KDE 4.1.x term is pretty short and this point might not be very 

> b) Search for a mirror space where optionally (but very welcome) reprepo
> can be used. The domain kde4.debian.net could be pointed there.
I would also prefer this approach. Actually, a mixed one. More bleeding edge 
backports at kde4.debian.net and once they all meet backports.org requirements 
(i.e. testing migration), they can be re-uploaded to backports.org

> cons:
> [snip]
>   -only able to upload packages for amd64/i386, no powerpc.
Initially, they can be amd64/i386. Maybe someone will volunteer to build 
powerpc packages and when packages meet backports.org criteria, they can be 
reuploaded there to benefit from backports.org pros.

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