On Friday 05 September 2008 13:50:52 Ana Beatriz Guerrero López wrote:
> Author: ana
> Date: 2008-09-05 11:50:52 +0000 (Fri, 05 Sep 2008)
> New Revision: 12095

(This is just a random commit chosen - but the issue is more generic)

> -Description: hexeditor for binary files
> - okteta is a KDE 4 related hexeditor
> +Description: hexeditor for binary files for KDE 4

I really dislike the "for KDE" part in descriptions, because that way we are 
telling users of other window managers and desktop environments that this 
application is not for them.

okteta for example is just a hexeditor using kde libraries and built from the 
kdeutils source package.
I don't mind at all mentioning kde somewhere in the long description, but I 
think the short description should mention what the program do and not what 
libraries it uses nor what programming language it is using.

(exemptions to this is of course sthings that are for KDE, e.g. widget styles)

Comments anyone ?

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