Hi folks,

So happily after Lenny is released we will move with KDE 4.2 to unstable. Here
is some drafts plans of how i think we could do it (without breaking too much 
for starting to discuss about it.
I do not know if it will be 4.2.0 or 4.2.1 but that is not very important

Important things to decide|do before:

- pkg-kde SVN cleanup and re-order (branches/kde4.2 to trunk, current trunk to
  branches/lenny/ and maybe move some stuff to attic).
- Decide if keep .kde4 or move to .kde. (already in progress)
- Write documentation of how to package KDE 4 applications. It is nice and
  hopefully it will be help to avoid crappy packaging.
- Write pseudo-policy for naming space (plasmoid, artwork, etc). (already in
- Write some nice guide of how to report KDE bugs for Debian users, with
  special emphasis about how upstream bugs are better in the KDE bugzilla.
- Ask the release team what are they plans for transitions-queue post-lenny,
  maybe it is a good idea wait to do anything until for example, the glibc
  transition is done ... (Hi Marc)
- Mail to d-d-a with proper links with the important info for another 
- Something else?


- Update b-d (aka krap & friends) in unstable: cmake, eigen, phonon, soprano, 
  strigi, akonadi, automoc, ...

- Update the KDE 4.0 development platform in unstable with the KDE 4.2
  packages (yes, kde4libs, kdepimlibs and kdebase-runtime). Then:
  - Update kde3 apps that have a KDE 4 equivalent ready: amarok, rsibreak,
        yakuake, ktorrent, ...[1] Encourage people who are not in any of the KDE
        teams to do it it (i.e. kmldonkey, kdiff3, yes [1] and file wish-list 
        The stuff that needs more than the development platform will have to 
        a bit.
  - File for removal of all the stuff that does not make sense anymore with
    KDE 4 as default KDE (like kompose, kdeaddons, kde-i18n, kalgebra...).
        Again [1]
  - Look at the stuff that is depending / recommending / suggests  kde3 parts
        that won't be covered by KDE-legacy. There is for example, packages that
        build depend on kdepim3 libraries...  Yes [1]
  - Also, in parallel, start some QA-ing for remove qt3 and kde3 stuff from the 
    archive that is buggy, dead upstream, better new equivalent in KDE 4...
    No list to be made here, it will be done little to little through all the
        transition, i think.

- Upload KDE-legacy stuff. I would prefer here as new source packages with the
  suffix -legacy, at least it is needed for kdebase because there is already a
  KDE 4's kdebase. kdelibs3-legacy and kdebase3-legacy ?

- Upload the rest of KDE 4.2.x (no much later that the previous step, or not
  KDE installable in unstable! :D )

- Reintroduce kde 3 apps standalone that we think it is work it (at least pino
  wanted to package kregexpeditor). The less here, the better.

- Fix whatever needs to be fixed after replace KDE 3 with KDE-legacy. We can
  not really detect this previously and we'll have mostly to wait for bug 

- Profit.

Ideas? Suggestions? A better way of doing it?

I am sorry it is not so elaborated as I would have liked but I will be
networkless the next days and I wanted to send it already.


[1] A list of packages should be done at some point.


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