On Wed, 4 Feb 2009 08:05:10 +0100 Sune Vuorela <s...@vuorela.dk> wrote:
>On Tuesday 03 February 2009 23:15:55 Scott Kitterman wrote:
>> In Kubuntu we just migrated people in .kde without the backup tool and I
>> would describe it as mostly OK.

I have two systems here that were upgraded from 3.5.10 to 4.1.2 (and later 
4.1.3/4) without issue, so I have seen no problems with upgrading myself.

I have helped users with problems where moving .kde away and recreating it 
helped (I don't recall specifics).  Of course this also happens with KDE3 
and not-upgraded-from-KDE3-KDE4 systems too, so I don't actually know that 
it's KDE3 to KDE4 problems that are being resolved.  I recently also saw 
that work with a Gnome system that had KDE4 installed onto it.

Sorry I don't have more specifics.

Scott K


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