Hi Adam!

>> We (jeremy lainé/kdevelop maintainer and me) have commited the debian
>> dir on svn.debian.org under pkg-kde repos:
>> http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-kde/trunk/packages/qt-creator/?rev=0&sc=0
>> if you want to co-maintain it somewhere else let us know.
> Upstream maintains Qt Creator in a Git repository. It may be best to use
> Git to follow them, send patches, etc..
>   http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/qt-creator.git
> Upstream branch is from the the Nokia labs page.
> Though I haven't added the debian directory to the repository yet.
I have no strong/religious feelings regarding git vs. svn, whatever
suits you is fine. The only think to take into consideration is that so
far all packages managed by the Debian Qt/KDE team are in svn. Whichever
path you decide to go, could you please incorporate the changes made by
Fathi and myself? Some notable changes:

* a minimal manpage for qtcreator is now provided
* the debian/rules has been moved to CDBS (like the rest of the Qt/KDE
packages), it's a lot simpler now

>> another question, do you still want to keep splitted packages
>> (qt-creator and qt-creator-plugins) ?
>> As I don't have the log. of our discussion anymore.
> I've looked at Qt Creator every which way, and it doesn't make sense to
> split the plugins. The reasons are simply that they do not pull in
> additional dependencies and are not large themselves.
I absolutely agree, it makes no sense to split the plugins.



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