Jeremy Lainé wrote:
> Hi Adam!
>> Upstream maintains Qt Creator in a Git repository. It may be best to use
>> Git to follow them, send patches, etc..
>> Upstream branch is from the the Nokia labs page.
>> Though I haven't added the debian directory to the repository yet.
> I have no strong/religious feelings regarding git vs. svn, whatever
> suits you is fine. The only think to take into consideration is that so
> far all packages managed by the Debian Qt/KDE team are in svn. Whichever
> path you decide to go, could you please incorporate the changes made by
> Fathi and myself? Some notable changes:
> * a minimal manpage for qtcreator is now provided
> * the debian/rules has been moved to CDBS (like the rest of the Qt/KDE
> packages), it's a lot simpler now

Done. I've used manpage I already have done. It looks surprisingly
similar to yours!

Yes, the CDBS is much simpler looking, but it now does the mkshlibs
thing and it takes forever. Anyway, CDBS used now.

I've put what I have right now on the git repository. You can clone it
and look at it. From the top of my head, the changes that need to be
fixed are:

   * upstream has icons and mimes and all taht stuff now. remove current
stuff from debian/ and actually use upstream's in the package instead.
Will make debian/rules cleaner.
   * we need Qt Creator to use the helpfiles from libqt4-doc and
qtdesigner-doc when they are installed.

I can check that icons work on Gnome side tomorrow (sorry, late today
:). If either of you is running KDE, and if KDE requires it, can you get
the menu icons done on that side.

I don't like the RPATH stuff. But I guess we may have to live with it.
Upstream seems to have changed locations of the libraries since pre-1.0.
The qtcreator non-plugins were moved to /usr/lib/qtcreator/, which makes
more sense. Plugins are under that directory now.

Finally, Qt Creator has documentation to create additional plugins. So,
do you think this warrants -dev package?

AND, the merged branch is not at the 1.0.0 release! Nokia didn't tag
1.0.0 for some reason. I'll ask them about the tag so we can merge this
package to the actual release.

- Adam


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