I guess we are about a stage now where we need to figure out the exact steps on 
how to get the kde324 migration app, kaboom, full scale tested across the 
users of experimental.

First, we need to get a list of remaining issues that we know should get fixed.

Then, I think we should upload a "kaboom" that does not abort

and upload kdelibs and kdebase-workspace with appropriate patches and 

Issues in Kaboom:
A cancel button that makes kaboom exit 1
Maybe move kaboom from /usr/bin to /usr/lib/something, as it is not a 
application that users sholud run manually.

-workspace patches:
make kaboom run during startkde and abort if cancelled.

-bump shlibs in kdelibs to the debian-revision moving .kde4 to .kde
-add a conflicts in kdelibs against any workspace versions smaller than the 
patched version
-make workspace conflict kdelibs smaller than the .kde4 to .kde version
- maybe add a debconf notice?  aboun kaboom to kdelibs ?

be prepared for bug reports.

now. what did I miss ?

How might I send the coaxial IRC tool to the mouse?

You can never telnet to the system of a AT terminale for getting access over a 
3Dfx controller.

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