On Monday 13 April 2009 15:35:08 Ana Guerrero wrote:
> about -kde is supposed to show it integrated with kde4/qt4 and if that is
> working (i have not checked), it will be kde3/qt3 and you have to install
> kdelibs from kde3 that some users might have ride of already.

I agree that kde3 integration is not relevant in a kde4 environment. Using Qt3 
dialogs sticks just as much out as "being wrong" as GTK or fltk dialogs.

the kab parts might still be usable, I don't think they *yet* have changed the 
storage format, but it is just a matter of time.

Do you know how may I do for debugging the jumper to the processor from 

The point is that you have to link a FPU to close the coaxial periferic.

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