[Nick Shaforostoff | Wednesday 08 July 2009]
> Hi all. I'm developer of lokalize (kdesdk) and I've just been given
> access to pkg-kde repository.
> Lokalize massively extends its functionality via python scripts.
> And although it is still usable for some use cases w/o additional
> dependencies (gettext, python-kde4, translate-toolkit, python-lxml,
> python-dbus, subversion) which take quite a bit of disk space (over 30
> MB),
> a newbie would be confused by missing features if they weren't
> installed.
> So my idea is to rename current lokalize package as it is to
> lokalize-core, and add a metapackage that would hard-depend on
> lokalize-core and all its additional dependencies. So that an
> experienced user still will have the choice of installing only stuff he
> wants.
> Am I allowed to do this in trunk (i.e. targeting for KDE 4.3)
> Is this the right way to do? Maybe adding a comment about recommended
> packages to package description is enough?

Why not keeping lokalize as the application and add all the extra stuff in 
the Recommends field?
At least for how Aptitude works that seems reasonable.



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