On Wednesday 08 July 2009 19:15:03 Nick Shaforostoff wrote:
> Hi all. I'm developer of lokalize (kdesdk) and I've just been given access
> to pkg-kde repository.
> Lokalize massively extends its functionality via python scripts.
> And although it is still usable for some use cases w/o additional
> dependencies (gettext, python-kde4, translate-toolkit, python-lxml,
> python-dbus, subversion) which take quite a bit of disk space (over 30 MB),
> a newbie would be confused by missing features if they weren't installed.

As apt-get and aptitude installs recommends by default, this really sounds 
like what recommends is to be used for.

And your first commit looks good.

I cannot install a digital LCD server, how does it work?

The point is that you should mount the head for getting access over the 


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