If you look at kdebase-workspace/plasma in KDE trunk, it's somewhat different 
than in past releases:


We now have both Plasma Desktop and Plasma Netbook with at least Plasma Mobile 
and probably others coming in the future.

We discussed this among the Kubuntu developers and have some consensus around 
a packaging approach for this, but want to coordinate this with Debian first 
and make sure both distros use a common approach.

Also, slightly related, is the KDE rebranding effort:


This makes first class brands out of Plasma Desktop and Plasma Netbook.

Our thought is to not split Plasma Desktop out into a separate binary, but 
leave it in kdebase-workspace as something that should always be installed 
(somewhat as a fallback) even if it's not started by default on some devices.  
Then additional plasmas (Plasma Netbook for KDE SC 4.4) would be in separate 
binaries so they would only be installed on devices appropriate for the 
specialized plasma.  The files built from:


would all go in a plasma-netbook package built from the kdebase-workspace 

This approach seems reasonably scalable and future proof and also minimizes 
the amount of code installed on most systems.


Scott K


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