(if you have no idea what I'm referring to, just ignore this mail. This mail 
is vague on purpose)

Since there are indications that our private repository is being abused (i.e. 
used by users, not developers), I decided to restrict HTTP access to some 
parts of it with password. Authentication is needed to access *.deb files and 
dists/ subdirectory since they make the repository apt-get'able. Sources 
(.orig.tar.gz, *.diff.gz etc.) remain accessible for all people in order to 
guarantee easy access for everyone interested in contributing (and there is no 
point in protecting them anyway).

All members of the pkg-kde group on alioth can obtain credentials and new 
sources.list entries from the file /home/groups/pkg-kde/kdetrunk/sources.list 
on alioth. Please, do not post credentials in public and do not give them to 
random people who are not the target audience of the repository or won't be 
able to keep it secret.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Modestas Vainius <modes...@vainius.eu>

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