At the moment it's possible to build the packages maintained by KDE Extras Team 
with svn-buildpackage, it would be great to make the other KDE packages able to 
build with svn-buildpackage too (if this doesn't break your current workflows).

As far as I know, you just need to set the mergeWithupstream property for all 
the debian/ directories thusly:
$ svn propset mergeWithUpstream 1 debian

I've done here a quick test; a "source build" for kdelibs setting that 
I've tested two possible workflows, it seems that both work. The workflow #2 
not work without setting that property.

Workflow 1: without using svn-buildpackage

extract kdelibs source inside packages/kdelibs (having the orig tarball in 
'packages' directory) thusly:
$ tar -xzvf ../kde4libs_4.4.1.orig.tar.gz --strip=1
do the build source:
$ dpkg-buildpackage -i -us -uc -S -rfakeroot
clean the upstream files
$ svn-clean

Workflow 2: using svn-buildpackage

build the package doing this inside packages/kdelibs and having the orig 
in packages/tarballs :
$ cat /home/santa/.svn-buildpackage.conf
svn-builder=dpkg-buildpackage -S -us -uc
$ svn-buildpackage -rfakeroot --svn-ignore

What do you think?


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