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Ana Guerrero schrieb am 10.04.2011 11:09:
> The next step is Qt3 orphaning. The removal of Qt3 from the archive
> before Wheezy, assuming a release in ~2 years, seems complicated:
> - there are a lot of scientific software using it, not always packaged into
> Debian, and they would have a problem if we remove it from Wheezy.
> - personally, I have been convinced leaving Qt3 around is not so
> dangerous as leaving kdelibs3. And seems like a good idea as long
> as I am not a Qt3 maintainer :D
> So, what we do now? Before doing a final upload orphaning it, I am more
> inclined to email debian-devel@ and do a call for new maintainers.
> If in 2 weeks after the call nobody steps up, we do a QA upload orphaning
> and doing the last changes we want done [1], and if it gets maintainer,
> we ask them to do those changes in their adopting upload.

didn't we have an announcement already, where all the science team people
cropped up and said we can't drop it? Didn't they offer back then to take over
if the KDE/Qt maintainers dropped it? Can't rememeber this clearly and I'm just
in the middle of setting up a new notebook so I might not have all e-mails
around. Anyway, if so, then a normal orphan e-mail to the BTS with the usual
copy to -devel should be enough IMHO.

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