On ketvirtadienis 28 Balandis 2011 01:59:22 Modestas Vainius wrote:
> It's not very clear to me (personally) what to do with kdebindings but IMHO
> if possible, it's better to delay it sometime after this transition. This
> ugly beast links the whole distro together.

Just to note: even if current kdebindings 4:4.4.5 was binNMUed and built fine 
against 4.6, it would definitely pick up dependency on at least new kdebase-
workspace, kdegraphics and kdeedu. kdebindings links sip, python and mono 
together (and something else I don't remember now).

P.S. It is fine to have kdebindings RC buggy in unstable or testing (it 
wouldn't be the first and the last time, really :-)). All that counts is that 
it did not end up blocking transitions.

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