Hi pkg-meego maintainers,
hi Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers,

Following some IRC discussions, I took the initiative to propose a BoF for the 
upcoming DebConf in Banja Luka, about Mobile UXes.

As far as I know, several stacks are currently being developped:
 * MeeGo (multiple ones)
 * Plasma Active
 * Plasma netbook
 * Maemo ?
 * …

I would very much like to see credible mobile user interfaces in Debian and I 
feel there is a lack of such currently.

I never attended a DebConf, hence even less attended or directed a BoF, so I 
need some guidance. So first; would there be some interest in such an event at 
DC11 ? Secondly; I directed this mail to the pkg-meego and pkg-kde-talk 
mailing lists, are there others that should get the information ?

Finally, I got requested by the DebConf11 talk selection team to write a short 
abstract for the talk, which I temporarily titled "Mobile UXes (Handset, 
Tablet, Notebook)", what would you like to read in this abstract ? What 
subjects would you add/emphasize ?

Thanks for your reading so far, and looking forward to hopefully see som of 
you at DebConf !


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