On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 9:43 PM, Hector Oron <zu...@debian.org> wrote:
> Dear developers,
>  DebConf sponsorship team is looking after Qt@Nokia Community Sponsorship [1],
> for such purpose a project template has been filed in at their wiki site [2].
>  I would like to ping you, as you might know better facts than I do
> when that comes
> to Qt/KDE on Debian distribution. On the project template [2], there
> is need to fill in
> 'Interesting community facts', would you like to share any? Please
> update the wiki page
> or let me know what you think are interesting community facts so I can
> forward them to
> our DebConf wiki page at Qt@Nokia site.

Some facts:
- Debian Qt/KDE maintainers are involved upstream by providing patches
and support for non-popular architectures.
- Our work is the base for a popular Linux distribution (namely
Ubuntu) and benefit to a larger community than Debian itself.
- We're working actively to provide the best Qt support on ARM
architecture (see the work done on armhf; involving Linaro, Ubuntu and
- We'll be represented at the Qt Contributors’ Summit, an invitation
only summit, to discuss about Qt future and the Open Governance.

Also, I would like to update "Amount of support required" section:
instead of linking to Debconf sponsorship, put the facts directly,
including sponsorship level.

>  It is also interesting to know if Debian or individuals part of
> Debian are part of the
> Qt Ambassador Program [3], that information would be interesting to
> add to the wiki page.
> If Debian is not part of that program, why not and could Debian be part of it?

As far as I know, we aren't part of the Qt Ambassador Program (Debian
or individuals).
The 1st step will be to fulfill the mandatory requirement:
public projects that we can show in our Qt Ambassador showcase.
For example, running Qt on Debian isn't sufficient.




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