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> Finally, I don't know why the symbols are different according to
> architectures and repositories. Maybe I simply can't use symbol files
> with this library! Maybe someone have an idea about this situation?
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Of course you can use symbol files with your library. Having slightly different 
sets of symbols for different architectures is absolutely normal, so get used 
to it. 

Having different symbols for packages built against different distributions is 
quite normal as well; usually among the symbols in your *.symbols files are 
private/spurious symbols which may be different depending on various things, 
for instance the gcc version. So, when you create/update your symbols files, 
it's better if you use a log produced by a compilation done in a clean chroot 
by pbuilder/sbuild/whatever (I recommend you sbuild because while it isn't 
easy to use the first time, it behaves like the sbuild installed in the buildd 
infrastructure and it's very powerful).

To avoid your build failures you must pass -c0 to dpkg-gensymbols, thus your 
package will build for all archs and you'll get a build log for armel which 
you could use to update the *.symbols files.


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