Alle domenica 2 ottobre 2011, Praveen A ha scritto:
> Someone please review the changes and upload. All changes
> are in git repo.

Some notes (in random order) about the packaging:
- why the usage of postinst and prerm to create the symlink for
  jquery.js? isn't a .links file for dh_link (hence a static symlink)
  enough for this job?
- in all the packages descriptions and in the doc-base abstract there is
  "and import their menus over DBus.", where this "DBus" occurrency
  should be "D-Bus"
- copyright misses the current year (2011) for your debian/* changes
- in the doc-base file, Files should most probably be something like
  Files: /usr/share/doc/libdbusmenu-qt-doc/*.html
  (given it represents all the HTML files of the documentation)
- what's the point of a symbols file, if you set a strict shlibs 
  manually with dh_makeshlibs? Either drop the strict shlibs, or the
  symbols file
- most probably you can avoid 001-dbusmenu-doc-path.diff at all, and
  just move the files to the right place using a
  libdbusmenu-qt-doc.install like:
  usr/share/doc/dbusmenu-qt/ usr/share/doc/libdbusmenu-qt-doc
  (this would avoid a (most probably) unnecessary patch)
- the libdbusmenu-qt2 description talks about "shared libraries", while
  there is actually just one
- in the libdbusmenu-qt-doc description, "html" should be properly
  all uppercase
- given you need an upload to NEW, why not use the opportunity to add a
  libdbusmenu-qt-dbg debug package?

Pino Toscano

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