I wish I could offer "real help" to you, and provide bugfixes and/or work on 
bugtracker for doing "real Debian" work, but this is not the case.

I'm just interested in having available packages for some KDE things. Even if 
they are not suitable for uploading, not even to experimental, but are 
somewhat usable using --force-everything-pretty-please if needed.

I mostly would like to see if I can have a recent akonadi and KDE PIM. I have 
everything compiled on $HOME, but since PIM is still on 4.8, and doesn't 
require new kdelibs, I thought it could be a reasonable module that I could 
attempt to package for my own use. If in the process I can collaborate with 
you, that would be awesome.

It's been a looong while since I had a package in the archive (and even then, 
I knew very basic things), so my debian/rules-fu is rusty, but I thought that 
maybe I could reuse the some things from other dpkg-based distributions.

So, what do you think? Would it be possible to work on some packaging for 
myself in a way that could be also useful to you?

Oh, and let me say thank you in advance for your work on Debian. In the past I 
wished I could become a DD someday.

Best wishes.

PS: Damn, after a fetch now I see lots of new 4.9 tags and branches on the PIM 
repo. I will need to be more careful.

PPS: Sune said "find me on IRC" on a recent mail to debian-kde. I'm on IRC 
during the day (suy at freenode), and I've read Sune there in qt/kde channels, 
but at those times I'm at work and far from a Sid box, so I would prefer email 
communication if possible. :-)

Alex (a.k.a. suy) | GPG ID 0x0B8B0BC2
http://barnacity.net/ | http://disperso.net


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