Someone noticed a abi change that I didn't notice at the upload of the latest 
libkipi upstream release (bug 682593).

The state of the archive is that everything built after the upload on june 
17th is built against new abi. everything built before is built using the old 

The abi change is a change in class size (removal of a member). The abi can be 
easily restored by adding a dummy member of the same size.

There is 3 possible solutions:

1) hide head in sand and rebuild 'old' dependencies (kamoso, kphotoalbum, 

2) restore abi and rebuild 'new' dependencies (ksnapshot, gwenview)

3) do a full transition of libkipi.

I'm leaning towards 1) because it is fewer 'popular' dependencies to rebuild.

Note that the package name has changed since squeeze, so there is no partial 
stabe=>testing upgrade issues. only testing=>testing issues. and those are 
there both with 1) and 2); just for different packages.

What solution do you prefer?



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