Hello Lisandro,

firstly thanks for your answer and questions.

> Please first allow me to say that I'm not really interested in this lib
> *myself*. I've done a little research and found that you are upstream of the
> lib [1] (cool!) and also the thread you mentioned on mentors [2].

No Problem.  Nevertheless as the developer (as you already disvovered) I want 
to list a few features, which might be interesting:

 - Platform independent possible to use KDE features, without changing the 
application using libengsas for every platform
 - Improved qt plugin loading (Loader for plugins of any type with status 
information in a dialog)
 - Many SQL-related features
     - Schema definition which allows creating and updating of database with a 
shipped wizard
     - Schema independent and only qt based database backup wizard for any 
kind of sql (or at least mysql) databases, without any configuring
     - Qt based sql query thread

Now after the advertising, back to your questions ;-)

> - Is there already any app depending on this lib which you would like to
> upload to Debian too? if so, which app is it and what does it does?

There is already an application using libengsas. It's called Meganizer (s. 
[3]) and is a platform independent media organizer (a little bit like 
tellico). It is also already packaged (s. [4]), but not nearly lintian clean.

> - How stable the API is?

The API is not that stable right now, but we are backporting everything 
possible to the 0 API version, which does not affect the API. So e. g. the 
current version of Meganizer is using the 0 API.

> - According to [0] you don't actually maintain any other package in Debian.
> Packaging libs it's not an easy task, and it's usually not recommendable for
> packaging begginners. Please note that I'm not implying that you are one,
> but [2] suggest so :-)

Your absolutly right. I'm a beginner in packaging. But to package Meganizer, 
it is needed to package libengsas first ;-) Actually, I have done my first 
packaging steps with Meganizer (which, in an early version, was the source of 


Joachim Langenbach

> [0]
> <http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=joachim.langenbach%40engsas.de>
> [1] <http://en.engsas.de/libengsas>
> [2] <http://debian.2.n7.nabble.com/RFS-libengsas-packages-td2876707.html>
[3] <http://en.engsas.de/meganizer>


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