Hi! I have just filled [0]. This patch detects wheter soprano is being built 
in a Multi-Arch [m-a] aware path using a CMake-provided variable and if so, 
appends the correct search paths.

[0] <https://sourceforge.net/p/soprano/bugs/32/>

We currently have a FTBFS bug in virtuoso and we would like to add m-a support 
for it in the same upload. This of course will mean that we will also need to 
patch soprano with the provided patch (see bug). So, it would be really cool 
if you can ACK it first.

Kinds regards, Lisandro.

Note: if possible, keep pkg-kde-talk at l.d.o in CC.

A proprietary undocumented text format as the de facto standard -- and that's
what .doc is -- is a shame for all parties involved. It's like using a special
patented ink that can only be read with special patented sun glasses. Who
would want to use that for all their scientific, private and business
documents? Probably nobody. Why they do so with computers is beyond me.
  Matthias Ettrich, founder of the KDE project.

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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