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>On Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 08:49:34PM -0600, Steve M. Robbins wrote:
>> I am aware of 5.x betas.  I hesitate to use them right now because of
>> "beta" status.  The announcement post itself [1] says "This version
>is for 
>> testing purposes. It’s not currently advised to use it in
>> Maybe this is overcautious?  Opinions welcome.
>I think this is overcautious. Qt 4 is to be removed from Debian so
>removing dependencies on Qt 4 is preferred to adding new ones.

Digikam is notoriously difficult to package before final release due to 
depending on unreleased library versions and/or embedded code copies.  Not 
packaging pre-release versions of Digikam is an eminently reasonable thing to 
do.  This is particularly true right now when no one else was working on it at 

It's not entirely clear is we'll succeed in getting entirely rid of Qt4 this 
cycle.  The thing we know for sure is going away is QtWebKit for Qt4.

Scott K


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