> looks reasonable to me.  I'm assuming that in debian, we'd have the
> gpgme1.0 package (maintained by pkg-gnupg-maint) take over the binary
> packages from the gpgmepp souce package (maintained by the Debian Qt/KDE
> maintainers).  I've cc'ed both groups on this e-mail so that people are
> aware of the situation.

Ah, this information is already spreading around :D That is good. Yes,  Debian 
Qt/KDE maintainers would have to remove KF5GpgMEpp. But if I see it correcly 
we won't need to react directly and can wait till all application are switched 
over to gpgmepp. We should make sure, that both can be install in paralell. 
But this should be possible, because we have different namespaces.



PS: debian-qt-kde - is mostly a list, that is spammed by the bugs
       pkg-kde-talk - is more the talk list about general topics like this one

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