On Sunday 10 July 2016 14:01:04 Steve M. Robbins wrote:
> 2. The configuration files are in a new location, but digikam does no
> migration [1].  To the user, it appears you are starting from scratch and
> there is a risk of confusion -- the referenced bug is from someone who
> thought (mistakenly) that a migration procedure was required.  The bug also
> references possibly using a KF5 function KConfig::copyTo() to migrate the
> files, but then concludes that some digikam 4 settings cause digikam 5 to
> crash.  At this point, it seems that automatic migration is unsafe but that
> the initial configuration wizard should be augmented with text that
> describes the upgrade- from-4.x scenario better.  I'm seeking suggestions
> on what might be the best approach here.

Go slap upstream with this:


and if they have specific keys that are bad in the config, they hsould fix the 
digikam code to handle it.

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