Based on my request to join the team, I would like to shortly introduce myself 

Since August this year, I got involved in helping out with KDE Neon and have 
been creating already a number of packages. An interesting experience as this 
was the first time to do some debian packaging. I am not new to packaging as 
that I have been part of the openSUSE community since 2009 and have been 
leading the openSUSE community packaging team for the KDE/Qt packages for the 
last few years. However since this summer I decided to join a project where 
there is still Fun :)  And this became KDE Neon. 

As that Neon is closely following the debian packaging, Jonathan Riddell 
suggested that it would be good for me to have an degian git account as well, 
so I have just placed the request :)


irc:    tittiatcoke
alioth:  tittiatcoke-guest 

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