On Monday 24 October 2016 17:47:04 CEST Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer 
> Hi Raymond! And sorry for my late reply. CCing you in case you are not
> subscribed to this list (you should if you have commit acces, it's a very
> low traffic one).

Hi Lisandro.  I am subscribed to the list. Maximiliano already indicated that 
I should subscribe and it has been indeed a low traffic one :)

> It's my duty to tell/refresh people at the fact that Neon is not Debian and
> Debian is not Neon, we have different expectations and workflows, specially
> on the Qt side of things. Of course everything that can help improve both
> of them is welcomed.

I am fully aware of that. It seems a little off at first, as that Neon uses 
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as the base system and for the packaging actually tracks the 
Debian packages. However it seems to make sense as that Ubuntu itself is not 
doing any packaging. 

From what I have seen so far is that we are utilizing the same git repository 
structure and trying to stay as close as possible to the debian packages. 

> Feel free to ask whatever you need/are in doubt, specially on IRC (at least
> from my side ;) ) We will be happy to help as much as we can and time allows
> us.

I guess at the moment we are both working on the same in trying to get Choqok 
(for KF5) to build. The main dependency here is Qoauth, which hasn't seen a 
release for quite some time. While trying to build Qoauth, I noticed an small 
issue with Qca-qt5.  The mkspec file for Qca-qt5 is installed in place that 
isn't seen by Qt5 qmake and therefore crypto.pcf is not found. 

I am not sure if this is  also the case with debian, but on Neon we have the 

Qt5 mkspec files are installed in /usr/lib/*/qt5/mkspecs/features,  The Qca-qt5 
one however is installed in /usr/lib/*/mkspecs/features. 

I checked on openSUSE where we have been building choqok and qoauth already 
for some time and I saw that we are using an additional option for the Qca-qt5 
build and in that build the crypto.pcf is installed in the .../qt5/mkspecs/
features directory.  The option used is "-DQCA_INSTALL_IN_QT_PREFIX=ON".  

For Neon, this would mean that I have to fork the Qca-qt5 package anyway and 
build it separately as we otherwise get it from Ubuntu. But I believe that it 
is good to share these experiences and solutions in order not to deviate too 
much from eachother regarding packaging :)

> By the way (and as you might have guessed) we live in different timezones so
> sometimes we have some lag ;-) An IRC bouncer uses to help with that.

Yeah :)  I am using the IRC bouncer bnc.kde.org, but I am only allowed to use 
1 irc network, which is freenode.  Do you have any free bouncers available 
that I can use for multiple irc networks ?




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