> Please rename the binary packages for consistency with other Qt modules:
> * libqt5webengine-dev → qtwebengine5-dev  (cf. qtbase5-dev)
> * qt5webengine-examples → qtwebengine5-examples  (cf. qtbase5-examples)
> * qt5webengine-doc{,-html} → qtwebengine5-doc{,-html}  (cf. qtbase5-doc)

> Which script did you use for generating debian/copyright?
> It would be nice to get that documented in debian/README.Debian
> (with instructions on how to update that file for newer releases).

I used the script created by maxy (don't find the url again). But sofar the 
tool is not suitible to update a existing copyright file and still needs a lot 
of love afterwards. But maybe maxy has some workflow, how he used the tool for 

I did the update from 5.6.1 -> 5.7.1 by creating a script that using a patch 
of the update and than split by what changed:
file deleted -> remove the entry from copyright
file added/modified check license by mxay script vs. the license that is in 
copyright file.

but stil this was a lot of handmade work.

Maybe i should make this script ready for use for others.

> There are also some weird entries there, like:

made another round in copyright file do delete those entries.



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