Source: akonadi-googledata
Severity: important


I would request to delete akonadi-googledata for stretch, because:
 * upstream is dead for around four year
 * not needed anymore, because libkgapi
 * an akonadi-resource for google data is created directly in
   kdepim-runtime package depending on libkgapi
 * is used by kdepim based on KDE 4 on unstable we have kdepim depended
   on KF 5
 * akonadi4 do not ship anymore a akonadi binary, so there is nothing
   that could consume that akonadi resource (akonadi resources build
   against Qt4/KDE4 are not compatible with Qt5/KF5)
 * it is a leaf package - no reverse dependencies.

For users, using kdepim they need kdepim-runtime to be installed to have the new
google resources available, but kdepim-runtime is already a hard
dependency for kdepim (kontact, kmail, korganizer) packages, so we do not need
to provide a special upgrade path.

The only problem that can occur for users, is that the new akonadi don't
do a default upgrade to the new resource. But the upgrade process from
akonadi4 -> akonadi5 must be done anyways and this old package isn't
helping in this upgrade process.

Best Regards,

Sandro Knauß


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