El 26 dic. 2017 11:46 a.m., "Boris Pek" <tehn...@debian.org> escribió:

>> That depends on the name. If we are ok with a -team suffix then we can
do it
>> ourselves, else we need to ask for a special name (pkg-kde).

This is not mutually exclusive, see [1] as example.

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/salsa/support/issues/1

As I understand here is either qa or qa-team, but not both (and this is
what I had in mind when I wrote the previous mail)

>> If we go with the renaming I would suggest using qtkde-team.
> Err, I meant pkg-qtkde-team.

Why not "pkg-qt-kde-team"? It looks better.

Yes, I agree.

Also why the prefix "pkg-" is so important?

A little bit of history and maybe because it describes better what we do:

But if -team is added I don't mind loosing pkg-.

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