2018-04-09 18:46 GMT+02:00 Maximiliano Curia <m...@gnuservers.com.ar>:
> Hi,
> It seems to be that time again when task-kde-desktop needs to be updated.
> And I think that it would be better to send one single bug with all the
> changes to that we want to do.
> Currently task-kde-desktop recommends:
> - k3b.
>   Does anybody uses their cd burner nowadays?
>   -> I'm inclined towards a remove from task-kde-desktop
>   -> lisandro via irc suggest to remove it and to add to kde-full

Sounds like a good idea to me :-)

> - dragonplayer
>   Already installed by kde-standard
>   -> My suggestion: remove

Maybe even replace it with VLC entirely...

> - kdesudo
>   kde4 based, we also have kdesu which uses sudo by default (but it's
> shipped   in a libexec dir, so it's not really for "public" use), but at the
> same   time upstream disrecommends launching qt apps as root.


> - apper
>   I'm not sure if this should be replaced by plasma-discover, I guess
> Matthias is the right person to make a call here.

I think plasma-discover should be in the default installation instead.
People who want a GUI package manager can always install Apper
afterwards (I really like to keep default installations small).
Maybe add it to kde-full instead...

> - gimp
>   While it's a great piece of software, is it really worth having it in the
> default installation?

I would say nay ^^ - With Discover present, users can easily install
missing bits, like GIMP or Krita or even an office suite.

> Other desktops seems to also provide:
> - xsane / some way to use a scanner
>   We have skanlite (currently suggested by kde-standard) and/or digikam,
> should we recommend these?

Definitely, Xsane looks really ancient now and Skanlite does the job
well (or even just say that people who have a scanner could install
the appropriate tool via Discover and install no scanner application).

> Other packages:
> - kdeaccessibility depends upon jovie (KDE4 based), kaccessible (KDE4
> based),   kmouth (KDE4 based), I'm not even sure if these are usable right
> now. :/
> - should we recommend/suggest krita?
> - Does anybody really uses dragonplayer? Shouldn't we recommend vlc instead?

+1 for VLC :-)


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