Control: retitle -1 Doesn’t work with recent iceweasel

Hi Mike, Axel,

Thanks for your quick follow up,

On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 11:01:21PM +0200, Axel Beckert wrote:
> Mike Gabriel wrote:
> > David Prévot wrote:

> > > As far as I can tell, the native fullscreen feature (F11) of current
> > > iceweasel versions provides the actual fullscreen this extension used to
> > > provide
> > Actually, the F11 key didn't use to be scriptable (via prefs.js et
> > al). That was my original motivation to upload xul-ext-fullscreen to
> > Debian. At that time, I needed a browser on a customer system that
> > started in fullscreen right away.
> Similar case here. Our event information displays run iceweasel with
> the fullscreen extension and ratpoison with window border size 0 as
> window manager.

OK, so that extension is still useful then.

> > I actually just notice that xul-ext-fullscreen 1.0.4 is unusable
> > with Iceweasel 32.x. That's a pity.
> Indeed.

Ouch, that’s worse than I thought then, updating the bug title
accordingly. Does the extension still work with Iceweasel 31 (as
currently in Jessie)?

If this extension is not maintained upstream anymore, maybe another one
could be used instead (I just came across full-fullscreen [1], but it
looks even less maintained than the current one).


There is the following note on this page [1]: “Note from Mozilla: This
add-on has been discontinued. Try one of these [2] instead.”


Among the list, at least one shares a similar namespace [3] and was
updated more recently (well, 2012, don’t hold your breath).


If there is a another similar (possibly sharing the namespace)
extension, changing the upstream source for this package could be an
option. If the features can be found within another “kiosk” extension,
maybe should it be packaged (and have it provide xul-ext-fullscreen, and
whatever is needed to help a smooth transition).

That’s my 2 cents worth to the discussion, I’ll let those who care about
this feature take care of the best way forward (my initial interest, and
the reason why I raised this issue, is that I’m currently trying to make
a little cleanup in the mozext team — e.g., make sure that all watch
files are still working after the “recent” AMO change, so we don’t miss
new upstream version).



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