Dear Hartmut,

On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 01:37:29PM +0200, Hartmut Buhrmester wrote:
> The upstream bug report
> <> is not about uBlock
> Origin. It is about resolving alias names in fontconfig files. But neither
> uBlock Origin nor Font Awesome use any fontconfig files. So these are
> different issues.

Thinking about your comments again:

Your investigation showed that there is some problem resolving symlinks
to fonts.  So maybe older versions of Firefox, which did not have this
bug, were falling back to using fontconfig to find the system font when
they failed to resolve the symlink.  Since the upstream bug is about
fontconfig not finding system fonts, I thought that maybe this bug was
caused by the fallback failing, too.

If that was right, removing the symlink shouldn't reintroduce the
problem on Firefox 48, where the bug has been fixed.  So I tried that.
But the bug reoccurs if the symlink is not present!  So in Firefox 48,
the symlink-following bug has been resolved (whether by the upstream bug
linked above or a different one).

I'm mainly writing this out in the bug report for future reference.

Thanks again for sharing the results of your investigation.

> The original extension at [1] doesn't include a symbolic
> link for Linux. This wouldn't make much sense, since the relative path
> to the original file may be different on different
> distributions. Also, an extension on can't require a font
> package on Linux.
> I don't think, that a Firefox extension can actually resolve Linux symbolic
> links. Extensions are written in JavaScript, XML and CSS, and they are run
> by Firefox. So I don't think, that extensions have an understanding of the
> underlying file system.
> The symbolic link was introduced on your side, possibly by an automatic
> system to search for duplicate files and replace them with symbolic links to
> their canonical installation paths.

To clarify: it was deliberate, not automated.

Sean Whitton

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