On Thu 2016-06-23 13:43:20 -0400, Guido Günther wrote:
> I opted for just rebuilding the existing enigmail 1.8.2 in wheezy with a
> fixed mozilla-devscripts (which does not create an errornoues Breaks:)
> instead of updating to 1.9.3 so we cause as little upgrade problems as
> possible. 1.8.2 seems to work just as well with icedove 45.

OK, that works for me.  if i backport 1.9.3 to jessie-backports or
consider it for jessie/proposed-updates, i'll try to give you a
heads-up.  If you find that there are any issues with 1.8.2 in
wheezy-lts, please let me know.

thanks for your work on wheezy-lts!


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