Hi Mira,

|--==> On Sun, 06 Dec 2009 20:31:04 +0100 (CET), Jaromír Mikeš 
<mira.mi...@seznam.cz> said:

  >>Od: Free Ekanayaka <fr...@debian.org>
  JM> I suggesting upload zita-convolver 2.0.0-2 (with Fons's
  JM> suggestions) than I finish Jconvolver 0.8.4 and make some tests
  JM> with these flags. In the case there will be some performance
  JM> improvements we can release zita-convolver 2.0.0-3 than with
  JM> cflags for sse instructions.
  JM> What you think? 
  FE> Sounds good to me, I just uploaded it.

  JM> I already changed patch (and push commit) following Fons's
  JM> instructions and made test build here.
  FE> Cool, thanks for checking this with Fons!

  JM> Hi,

  JM> thank you for uploading.
  JM> I just finished Jconvolver package ... it is lintian clean and ready for 
  JM> Now I will try make some performance tests for zita-convolver with sse 
cflags and without.
  JM> I suspect Jconvolver that it can be quite hungry resource eater 
(convoltion reverbs usually are) so even 10-15% improvment can be lovely.
  JM> I will inform about my experience.

Sounds good to me.

  JM> Just one other concern ... Should be jconv renamed to jconvolver to not 
be confusing?
  JM> If so how to do it?

Unless there's a very compelling reason for doing so, I'd rather not
because that would probably require to provide transitional dummy
packages (okay, the package was not in Lenny, so this is not
super-critical, but still nice to do).



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