Felipe Sateler <fsate...@gmail.com> writes:

>> > Is this really the intended way? TBH, I have doubts, and would find it
>> > more natural if the patches would be applied to the debian branch then,
>> > as it would retain the invariant that a git checkout produces a similar
>> > view of the source as a 'dpkg-source -x' on the produced source package.
>> >
>> Yeap this is intended way.
>> dpkg-source -x applies patches and leaves you with a patched tree.
>> That's the mail reason for the new format.
>> Unfortunately git-buildpackage has not yet been updated to handle this
>> in a better way. Cause we still should have debain/patches/*.patch
>> And I have no clue how to handle this =)
> I have been suggested to apply all patches on the git repo, but this
> would break the guidelines in the wiki.

When given these options:

  1: switch back to source v1
  2: apply patches inline to the debian branch (and amend the wiki)
  3: leave the patches unapplied (current situation)

I would (currently) vote 1>2>3

Rationale: switching to v3 at this point introduces even more
inconsistency in our packaging and obviously our advocated tool
'git-buildpackage' doesn't cope with this new format properly yet.

While I am not opposed at all to the new format, and besides, I'm really
looking forward using it, I don't think that our team is ready for it yet.

what do you think?

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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