"B. Bogart" <b...@ekran.org> writes:

> Disabling mmx does solve the segfault.
> The cause of the problem is jpgs of different classes in my sequence. I
> ended up with some pseduoclass images in the sequence of largely
> directclass jpgs, which kill ffmpeg. With mmx enabled this results in a
> segfault, with mmx disabled ffmpeg just quits (return 1).

I see.

In this case, we need a minimal testcase so that upstream can easily
reproduce and locate the exact location of the crash; it must be
somewhere in the hand-written mmx capable assembler. Your first report
contained only a single jpeg, so this is not sufficient.

Would you mind creating this minimal testcase? Please state if you
prefer to have the pkg-multimedia team forward this bug upstream or if
you will do this yourself. I think it would be more efficient if you
could do this yourself, as you already know all details about this
issue. Please tell us the roundup id so that we know if and when this
will be fixed upstream.

> -v 10 does not give any hints about the quit, an error message would be
> useful when a pseudoclass jpeg in found in a sequence and exiting with
> an error message.

TBH, I have no clue what 'pseudoclasses' and 'classes' in general in
jpeg files mean.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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