Hi Cal,

On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 06:24:01PM +1100, cal wrote:
> Hi,
> Way back in March there was a tentative probe on LAD soliciting
> participation in packaging for debian-multimedia. Since then (and
> prior to) I've been working on getting functional jack audio and midi
> in ZynAddSubFX. The end result of that effort is a Linux only
> derivative of Zyn known as Yoshimi <http://yoshimi.sorceforge.net>.
> While the original Zyn is a truly outstanding little synth, it has long
> suffered from miserable performance with Jack. With yoshimi I've managed
> to achieve functional Jack audio and midi, and added Alsa audio out
> (useful for simple performance and rehearsal, perhaps even busking?).
> Yoshimi has gained small but enthusiastic following among zynaddsubfx
> users via LAU, so I figured it might be a worthwhile candidate for a
> debian-multimedia package. Yoshimi uses a cmake build, so cdbs has
> proved helpful. I've got it to the point where git-buildpackage is
> mostly fine, but there's still a few points I need to refine. The main
> one at the moment is - why doesn't git-buildpackage pick up && include
> the man page?
> Perhaps this might be the place to seek guidance. Hope so.
> cheers, Cal

debian-multimedia disucussion has moved to:

I've cc'ed the alioth list as you are more likely to get responses
there. See the wiki for further info about the team:


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