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On Sa, Feb 13, 2010 at 20:57:53 (CET), Adrian Bunk wrote:

> The SVN snapshot in Debian is now over 7 months old.

ffmpeg 0.5 was released in march 09. The next release is scheduled for
end of march 10. AFAIUI, it will miss the squeeze freeze.

> and lacks e.g.  the AMR support that is now possible with libraries
> already in Debian.

that's already possible with ffmpeg 0.5 that we ship with squeeze. The
problem with that is the license: linking against opencore will render
the resulting libavcodec library as GPLv3. Until now, noone has made an
analysis on the impact of that change.

> It would be great to see an updated ffmpeg in Debian.

in experimental we'll have something newer soon (given that it will ever
pass NEW, cf. mplayer package in NEW but that that's another story.),
I'm currently busy with the ffmpeg 0.5.1 release, which is what we will
go for with squeeze.

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