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Just a heads-up that this bug is becoming more important. Today I stumbled upon it when a routine "aptitude safe-upgrade" wanted to install a whole bunch of new packages, including the jackd sound server, a package which I definitely do _not_ want on my system.

It turns out that this happened because the new version of gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad (which is installed because gnash recommends it, which seems reasonable) depends on libslv2-9.


libslv2-9 is not directly dependent on jackd ,but libslv2-9 recommends slv2-jack package which need jackd. "Recommends" changed to "Suggests" is already done in git repo for awhile.

git clone git://git.debian.org/pkg-multimedia/slv2.git

Can somebody upload it for me please?

I don't do stray "upload", but I can offer to help maintain the package if you wish. To be most effective (I am involved in more than 100+ packages) I will want to use CDBS for the packaging, and avoid the short-form of debhelper v7.

Is it ok that I get more involved: switch from abbrev. dh7 to CDBS and then (obviously) release?

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