Hi Andrian,

|--==> On Wed, 24 Mar 2010 01:17:59 +0100, Adrian Knoth 
<a...@drcomp.erfurt.thur.de> said:

  AK> Why 1.9.4+something and not 1.9.5?

Sorry, I meant 1.9.5-1.

  AK> I'd like to sort out the config file issue (dpkg vs. ucf), but we could
  AK> probably upload d2c23abd119cdf7f40654fa443e2a51cf6265893, that is,
  AK> before I touched the (re-)generation of audio.conf

  AK> We currently only have one version of this file shipped to the user, so
  AK> we're talking about one MD5 sum and a second one for our new version if
  AK> we lower the rt-priority from 99 to 95. This seems a good idea to me,
  AK> because there's no need for highest rt prios, they should be left to
  AK> watchdogs which will kill rt processes if they hook up all cpu time.

  AK> Though modern kernels never grant all cpu time to rt kernels anymore,
  AK> it's just not necessary to run audio stuff at rtprio 95. jackd usually
  AK> runs at 10.

That sounds good to me. Once all the rough edges are polished I think
it's good to upload jack2 to unstable so we can get more testing and



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