On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 11:30:56PM +0100, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

>   AA> Reject Reasons:
>   AA> Source package jack-audio-connection-kit does not have 
> 'DM-Upload-Allowed: yes' in its most recent version (1.9.4+svn3842-2)
> I can sponsor this upload to experimental. However I'm wondering if we
> should rather upload 1.9.4+svn3842-2 to unstable at this point.

Why 1.9.4+something and not 1.9.5?

I'd like to sort out the config file issue (dpkg vs. ucf), but we could
probably upload d2c23abd119cdf7f40654fa443e2a51cf6265893, that is,
before I touched the (re-)generation of audio.conf

We currently only have one version of this file shipped to the user, so
we're talking about one MD5 sum and a second one for our new version if
we lower the rt-priority from 99 to 95. This seems a good idea to me,
because there's no need for highest rt prios, they should be left to
watchdogs which will kill rt processes if they hook up all cpu time.

Though modern kernels never grant all cpu time to rt kernels anymore,
it's just not necessary to run audio stuff at rtprio 95. jackd usually
runs at 10.


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