On Mon, May 03, 2010 at 00:06:26 (CEST), Christophe Mutricy wrote:

>>     Imported Upstream version 0.1.7
> As you'll see from the other commits, it brings a SONAME change. to make
> things even more interresting the name of the source package and the
> name of the -dev package have changed. (Both to remove the soname from
> it). So it will need to go through NEW.
> Both vlc and dvblast build-depends on: libdvbpsi5-dev | libdvbpsi-dev
> already. That's the only packages depending on libdvbpsi on Debian.
> Could someone check on Ubuntu ? 

just checked, same in ubuntu.

> So we can safely upload to sid. But until we revert the order pbuilder
> won't pick the new libdvbpsi if it has the choice of the old and new.
> I'm trying to confirm with upstream but there is no major new features
> or bugfixes. It's more a collection of small stuffs over the last 2
> years. So there is no rush.
> So I propose to upload to sid rather than experimental and invert the
> order (libdvbpsi-dev | libdvbpsi5-dev) at the next upload of dvblast and
> vlc. For vlc it will be vlc 1.1.0(-rc) hopefully in a fortnight.

sounds good to me!

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