Package: ardour
Version: 1:2.8.6-1+b1
Severity: important
Tags: sid, squeeze

When mute buttons for any particular track are picked the track does not mute, rather than the expected action of muting the track.

It would appear that the track mute buttons are unintentionally disabled by default as this is an acknowledged bug from upstream, which is supposedly fixed in "A3" :

This has been also been reported in Ubuntu and a patch is being worked on which will be pushed back "upstream" to Debian (probably via quadrispro of the Debian Multimedia team):

The immediate workaround this bug in a particular project is to right click on the mute button and enable at least one of the choices for mute. But this will not prevent the mute buttons being disabled on new projects.

The immediate workaround this bug for future projects is to edit the 'ardour.rc' file in the .ardour2 directory of the user's home folder. Change the following entries from:

Option name="mute-affects-pre-fader" value="0"/>
Option name="mute-affects-post-fader" value="0"/>
Option name="mute-affects-control-outs" value="0"/>
Option name="mute-affects-main-outs" value="0"/>

to this:

Option name="mute-affects-pre-fader" value="1"/>
Option name="mute-affects-post-fader" value="1"/>
Option name="mute-affects-control-outs" value="1"/>
Option name="mute-affects-main-outs" value="1"/>

Additionally, it should be noted that I saw bug reports that indicated this bug was present as far back as Ardour 2.8.2

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