On Fr, Mai 28, 2010 at 21:01:04 (CEST), Alexandre Quessy wrote:

> Hello,
> I want to join the Debian Multimedia Package Maintainers Team. (whatever
> it's called) My alioth username is alexandrequessy-guest.

I've just added you to the team, welcome on board.

I assume that you have already read and understood our wiki pages:


They are certainly not perfect and need improvements/polishing, but they
at least should document the most important things we've agreed on in
the past. Please help us to improve them by discussions and/or edits!

> My name is Alexandre Quessy. I am a developer from Montreal. I am
> interested in free software for new media arts, nameyl audio, video and
> electronics. I have been using free software for many years now. I am
> the co-author of some free software projects such as those listed above.
> I am mostly interested in the Python and C++ languages. Amongst the
> tools I like are Twisted, GTK+, GStreamer, gettext, the GNU Autotools,
> bash and vim. I have a strong background in image processing, music
> theory, web development, communication protocols and software process
> management.

Sounds cool! Are you also familiar with packaging python applications? I
have to admit that I've lost my interest because of the internal python
affair and helper scripts war, so I more or less try to avoid such
packages. Having someone on the team that knows how do package python
apps properly would be a great benefit for pkg-multimedia!

I also see that you are familiar with jack. The most pressing question
is to if we do want to enable users to switch their jack implementation
in squeeze. Currently that's not possible, but ideas how to rearrange
packages, shlibs files and provides have been proposed. I have to admit
that I've lost track and don't know if they are still being considered
of if everyone has lost motivation to actually implement them. Perhaps
you (or someone else) can try to pickup that discussion?

I've already announced on #debian-release a few days ago that we might
require such a transition, but we'd also need to write a more formal
email to debian-release for that.

> I am motivated to become a Debian maintainer, and soon an uploader.
> Debian and Ubuntu are my favourite operating systems. I have ongoing art
> projects with free software, and you can read about them on
> http://alexandre.quessy.net
> Project on which in am author or co-author:
> (I intend to package the three packages listed first.)
>   * toonloop: Live frame by frame animation tool http://toonloop.com
>   * scenic: Desktop application to stream audio, video and MIDI over RTP
> http://svn.sat.qc.ca/trac/scenic/
>   * lunch: Distributed process launcher http://svn.sat.qc.ca/trac/lunch
>   * Other listed on http://bitbucket.org/aalex/


Again, welcome to the team!
Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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