Hello Reinhard, and the pkg-multimedia team!

2010/5/29 Reinhard Tartler <siret...@tauware.de>:
> On Fr, Mai 28, 2010 at 21:01:04 (CEST), Alexandre Quessy wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I want to join the Debian Multimedia Package Maintainers Team. (whatever
>> it's called) My alioth username is alexandrequessy-guest.
> I've just added you to the team, welcome on board.

Thanks a lot! I'm on the IRC channel every week day, if anyone wants
to chat with me... :)

> I assume that you have already read and understood our wiki pages:
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia/DevelopPackaging
> They are certainly not perfect and need improvements/polishing, but they
> at least should document the most important things we've agreed on in
> the past. Please help us to improve them by discussions and/or edits!

Yes, I am often a wiki gnome that polishes the doc. That should come a
little later, when I will be more comfortable with how Debian and the
team works.

>> My name is Alexandre Quessy. I am a developer from Montreal. I am
>> interested in free software for new media arts, nameyl audio, video and
>> electronics. I have been using free software for many years now. I am
>> the co-author of some free software projects such as those listed above.
>> I am mostly interested in the Python and C++ languages. Amongst the
>> tools I like are Twisted, GTK+, GStreamer, gettext, the GNU Autotools,
>> bash and vim. I have a strong background in image processing, music
>> theory, web development, communication protocols and software process
>> management.
> Sounds cool! Are you also familiar with packaging python applications? I
> have to admit that I've lost my interest because of the internal python
> affair and helper scripts war, so I more or less try to avoid such
> packages. Having someone on the team that knows how do package python
> apps properly would be a great benefit for pkg-multimedia!

Yes, I am currently packaging my first Python package that will be
pushed into Debian. For the same reasons as you mentionned, I
personaly prefer packaging Python applications with the GNU autotools
myself. :) There might be some progress in the next few months,
though, with the Distribute fork of the Python setuptools.

> I also see that you are familiar with jack. The most pressing question
> is to if we do want to enable users to switch their jack implementation
> in squeeze. Currently that's not possible, but ideas how to rearrange
> packages, shlibs files and provides have been proposed. I have to admit
> that I've lost track and don't know if they are still being considered
> of if everyone has lost motivation to actually implement them. Perhaps
> you (or someone else) can try to pickup that discussion?

I will forward this to my colleague who knows more than I about the
JACK library itself. He developed one of the JACK Gstreamer element,
so he should know more than me. I think both JACK and jackdmp (or jack
2?) are API and ABI-compatible... But I am not sure about this at all.

> I've already announced on #debian-release a few days ago that we might
> require such a transition, but we'd also need to write a more formal
> email to debian-release for that.
>> I am motivated to become a Debian maintainer, and soon an uploader.
>> Debian and Ubuntu are my favourite operating systems. I have ongoing art
>> projects with free software, and you can read about them on
>> http://alexandre.quessy.net
>> Project on which in am author or co-author:
>> (I intend to package the three packages listed first.)
>>   * toonloop: Live frame by frame animation tool http://toonloop.com
>>   * scenic: Desktop application to stream audio, video and MIDI over RTP
>> http://svn.sat.qc.ca/trac/scenic/
>>   * lunch: Distributed process launcher http://svn.sat.qc.ca/trac/lunch
>>   * Other listed on http://bitbucket.org/aalex/
> Cool!
> Again, welcome to the team!
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> Gruesse/greetings,
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